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If you're searching for a fly fishing rod, be it new or antique, you've come to the right place! We are delighted to offer a fantastic range of carbon fibre and split cane fly fishing rods! We are proud to offer an extensive catalogue of trout and salmon fishing rods available for sale right now on eBay at some unbeatable discounts! Please click the links to the left and browse our categories, or alternatively, use our search facility above. Alternatively, just key in what you're looking for, hit the search button, and we'll do our best to find it for you. Our stocklist of fly fishing rods is also continually updated so be sure to bookmark us!

Tips and Tricks for purchasing and collecting antique Fly Fishing Rods

There are many different types, styles, sizes and weights of both new and antique fly rods available today. During a single visit to a local sporting goods store, any serious angler can become overwhelmed and excited at the sheer number of possibilities and choices. However, not all fly fishermen are impressed by modern day rods and choose to fish using the equipment of the past. With each antique fly rod carefully created using dedicated craftsmanship and deeply rooted in the tradition of family and exploration, anglers who choose these rods will very rarely use any other. Whether they have acquired rods from ancestors or have traveled far and wide in search of auctions, anglers who collect these one of a kind rods enjoy stepping into the past with every cast.

If you are interested in collecting antique fly fishing rods there are a few important points to consider before you make your first purchases. One of the most essential tools when sourcing antiques is education. To prevent any potentially bad investments a collector should first become familiar with the different varieties of antique rods available. In the world of antiques it is imperative to collect information before collecting goods. This means that you should do your best to research as many craftsmen, styles, production dates and historical connections before buying any rods.

It is also a good idea to become familiar with the characteristics associated with valuable rods and which styles are the most sought after. When collecting antique fly fishing rods, one of the most important points to consider is the material used to produce the rod and the length of the rod shaft. For example in the case of bamboo (otherwise known as split cane) fly fishing rods, shorter shafts mean more monetary value. This is commonly the deciding factor between a reasonable priced rod and one that is considered rare and contains immeasurable value.

In addition to doing your own research on split cane or antique fly rods you should also contact or become acquainted with a reputable and knowledgeable antique dealer. By consulting a dealer or purchasing through a well established antique retailer you may be able to acquire rare and unique rods without having to deal with the competition and high prices associated with auctions or public markets.

Many antique enthusiasts will often acquire other related objects in hopes that when sold as a set their collection will bring a well deserved fortune. This is very common with those who collect antique or split cane fly rods as well. Many collectors search for additional antiques such as antique hand-tied flies, artificial bait and turn of the century fishing line to round out their growing rod collection. If you consider your antique fly fishing rods as an investment and have a plan to sell them in the future, carefully selecting a few additional pieces may prove extremely lucrative.

It is true that collecting antique fly rods can be incredibly interesting and can prove to be a profitable past-time. However, for many it is simply a way to stay connected to the past and treasure the history and tradition associated with this great sport.

Tom Moran 7 1/2ft 5wt two piece split cane bamboo fly fishing rod mint condition
Tom Moran 7 1/2ft 5wt two piece split cane bamboo fly fishing rod mint condition
LOOP CROSS SX  15' #10 Fast Action DH Fly Rod 4PCE *** 2017 **** CSX10150-4F
LOOP CROSS SX 15' #10 Fast Action DH Fly Rod 4PCE *** 2017 **** CSX10150-4F
LOOP Cross S1 15'0
LOOP Cross S1 15'0" #10 Double-Handed Fly Rod
LOOP Cross SX 15'0
LOOP Cross SX 15'0" #10 Double-Handed Fly Rod
LOOP CROSS SX  14' #9 Fast Action DH Fly Rod 4PCE *** 2017 **** CSX9140-4F
LOOP CROSS SX 14' #9 Fast Action DH Fly Rod 4PCE *** 2017 **** CSX9140-4F
LOOP CROSS S1   14' #9 Fly Rod 4PCE ***** 2017 **** CRO9140-4MF
LOOP CROSS S1 14' #9 Fly Rod 4PCE ***** 2017 **** CRO9140-4MF
LOOP Cross S1 14'0
LOOP Cross S1 14'0" #9 Double-Handed Fly Rod
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